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Once my hand drawn illustration elements are done, they are scanned ready for work on the PC. Using a graphics tablet and digital pen, they are enhanced. Areas are duplicated where appropriate to reduce time. Contrast is adjusted to get true black and white. Depth of field, particles, glow and more are added to create a three dimensional feel. Finally, a digital file is made and it is this you see here on the web site.

Images are sketched out traditionally using paper and pencil at a drawing board. The majority of it is inked using a combination of pointillism and cross hatching. Pointillism is a method of creating dots in a variety of patterns to form tonal ranges. Cross hatching differs in the way it uses lines to weave the illustration. Attention to detail and high levels of concentration are needed.

There are many ways artists produce their images. I've played around with some but always found myself going back to the same medium. I've adopted a method of illustration that has become a hallmark of mine. A good while back I started using a technical pen to ink my pencil sketches. At first I was introduced to the scratchy, horrible pen architects used to draught out plans. They just tore through paper with ferocity. Soon after, I was introduced to a far more likable technical pen, able to glide over paper without ploughing it into a potato patch. It became my tool of choice and I've used little else since.